Robertsganj Sonebhadra (U.P)

The Robertsganj Geographical Importance

The Robertsganj city is located in the Mirzapur administrative division, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is situated at an average elevation of 301 meters and is 90 kilometers away from Varanasi city, which is also the nearest airport for Robertsganj. This city has its historical significance as well by the name of Chandrakanta which is a popular Hindi novel written by “Devaki Nandan Khatri” related to Vijaygarh Fort. There are various places that attract tourists to visit here. The Robertsganj comes under the second largest district of Uttar Pradesh that is “Sonebhadra”. This state also contributes a lot to the country and its southern region is also known as “Energy Capital of India”.

Location and Details

District The Sonebhadra
State Uttar Pradesh
Literacy 71%
The Lok sabha Constituencies The Robertsganj
Headquarters The Robertsganj
Area 6,788 km ²
Major Highways NH7

 shivparvati1 5  Veer-Lorik-Pathar

Places to visit here

To grab the tourists’ attention it has so many things. People who come to the Robertsganj have so many stories of prince and princes. Here are some of the visiting places in the Robertssganj city:

  • The Vijaygarh Fort: It is located about 30 km away from Robertssganj in the direction of the Robertssganj- churk road. This place was built in the 5th century, at the height of 400 feet from the ground level. This fort is famous for statues, cave paintings and rock inscriptions. It has four ponds inside the premises.
  • The Aghorigarh Fort: This place is located 35 km away from the Robertssganj in Renukut road and has the awesome view as it is surrounded by Vijul, Regu and Son rivers from the 3 sides and looks beautiful.
  • The Naugarh fort: This fort is situated about 2 km distance from Robertssganj and was built by Kashi Naresh. It provides a beautiful view of Karmnasha River and surrounded greenery area.
  • There are few more places like the Sodharigarh Durg as a tourist spot, Madhuban Mega Mart, Sarthak Bazaar for shopping and a nearby area that gives an outstanding natural view with the peace and holy water of rivers.

It’s Weather Condition

The climate of this place has large variations in it as the average temperature in summer is 30 °C–42 °C and the average temperature in winter season goes up to 2 °C–15 °C, whereas in the rainy season the weather of this city is pleasant.

The Robertssganj Economical Contribution

  • As this city is surrounded by rivers so the most important contribution from here goes for the power generation like electrical power stations set up and industrial area development sue to hills and forest.
  • Cement factories, Coal power generation plants, thermal power plant, Carbon factory, Aluminum plant and chemical plants are the biggest things that the district provides to the country. So its contribution is not small and is accountable for the country’s economic growth and power management.

Transporting Facilities

  • Transporting to and from this city is also easy as it is 90 km away from Varanasi from where Flights to the major cities of India are available to the tourists, National Highway passes through this city so it’s a very busy road and connected to several towns and commercial areas.
  • This city is also connected by the Indian rail services that provide it various roots and the bus facilities are also spread in large area and connect it to all possible towns and villages.

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