Connectivity from Varanasi to Robertsganj city

A legendary city of Uttar Pradesh, Sonebhadra district is Robertsganj. This city accounts the area of 6,788 km ² and is 90 km away from Varanasi city. The Robertsganj is situated at an average elevation of 301 meters and is famous for forts and some industrial contribution to the world. The most famous fort is “Vijaygarh Fort” because of the popular Hindi novel “Chandrakanta” written by “Devaki Nandan Khatri”. This city has the literacy of around 71%. The weather climate in summer goes up to 30 °C–42 °C and in winter it is about to 2 °C–15 °C while of the rainy season the weather looks pleasant.

Connectivity of Robertsganj

From the development view, there are enough facilities for this city’s residential people to stay tuned with the other cities. This city is not so far from Varanasi and has its industrial contribution as well, so It is connected by the following ways:

  • The Robertsganj city has its nearest airport situated in Varanasi and there are various flights available to the major cities of India.
  • The connectivity by road is also good here; it is only 90 km away so transporting from Varanasi to Robertsganj is easy and comfortable.
  • There are some of the major highways that pass from Robertsganj city like NH7, National Highway ,which connects to various cities and many more in other cities.

This city also possesses the train rout that gives the short journey time to reach Robertsganj city. Some of them are Singrauli-Varanasi Intercity expresses, S bhakhtiyarpur- Robertsganj and many more




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