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Robertsganj Famous Places

Robertsganj Famous Places

The Robertsganj city is situated in the second largest district “Sonebhadra” of Uttar Pradesh, India. This city has various significances to the land of Uttar Pradesh and has the historical values as well. It is about 90 km away from Varanasi city and at average 301 elevations. The Robertsganj is a famous spot where many tourists come every year to see the stories of prince and princes that are spread in a large area. The most famous “Chandrakanta” a popular Hindi novel written by “Devaki Nandan Khatri” is related to the Vijaygarh fort of Robertsganj city. So to see the beauty of this ultimate place people used to visit.

The Robertsganj Famous Economical Contribution

To see it from the historical perspective it has forts and rivers and natural places, but it is not only the famous things about this city, the economic contribution has given the southern region of this district the title of “Energy Capital of India” because of rivers it has various electrical power plants here that supports the Indian powerhouse plants. It has industrialized setup as well like Cement factories, chemical factories, Coal power generation, Carbon plant, Thermal power plant and Aluminum plants. These are the economic contribution towards the country from this area that are famous and are a big support to the Indian Industry.

Most Famous Spots in Robertsganj City

To visit here people must know about the city well, there are too many things here that attract tourists’ attention. Here are some of the places:

  • The Aghorigarh Fort: This place is very beautiful and is surrounded by Vijul, Regu and Son rivers that gives it awesome look and enhances its beauty. This fort is situated 35 km away from Robertsganj city on the Renukut road. The top view from here makes it the best place, the water that surrounds it and greenery on one side of it gives the feel of nature’s best creation.
  • The Vijaygarh Fort: An outstanding fort that was built in 5th century at 400 feet height and is accounted as the most inspirational and famous for “Chandrakanta”. The Vijaygarh fort was the living area of Chandrakanta. This fort has several famous cave paintings, rock inscriptions and statues. The inside view of this premise is also beautiful.
  • The Naugarh Fort: This fort was the living area of Prince Virendra Singh and was built by Kashi Naresh. This fort is located at about 2 km from Robertsganj city. The natural view of Karmnasha River always attracts people here.
  • This city is also famous for various other things that are not related to visiting points but are accountable. Some more places like Sodharigarh Durg, vir lorik patthar are also the visiting area’s that are famous.
  • The Sarthak Bazar, Madhuban Mega Mart, Jogi ram’s general store are the three big shopping areas of this city.

Climate of Robertsganj City

This city is located at the altitude and the weather, climate has accounted as large variation in the seasons like in winter season, it stays between 2 °C–15 °C on an average, in summer season the temperature goes up to 30 °C–42 °C averagely and in rainy season the climate looks pleasant over here.

Robertsganj Bus Stand

Robertsganj Bus Stand (Sonbhadra Depo)

You can take bus from:

Robertsganj to Lucknow Bus,   Robertsganj to Shaktinagar Bus,  Robertsganj to Varanasi Bus

Robertsganj to Mirzapur Bus,   Robertsganj to Allahabad Bus,     Robertsganj to Renukoot Bus

Robertsganj to Anpara Bus,   Robertsganj to Obra Bus,      Robertsganj to Kanpur Bus

Robertsganj to Chunar Bus,      Robertsganj to Dudhi Bus,    Robertsganj to Rihand Bus










Robertsganj Railway Station

रोबर्ट्सगंज सिटी का रेलवे स्टेशन

Robertsganj Railway Station

Delhi to Robertsganj : Train :Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Express: Time Departs from Anand Vihar (Delhi) 19:45 to

Time Arrives Robertsganj Railway Station : 08:08